Safe Harbor

More Than Strangers

A Contemporary Romantic Adventure

More Than Strangers

Safe Harbor, Book 1 

ISBN: 978-1-62210-014-9

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“4.5 on the Masq Scale. […] More Than Strangers is fast paced and well written. The danger feels real and on more than one occasion I found myself holding my breath.” – The Masquerade Crew

“…a very quick, easy, and enjoyable read. Although the story was novella length, it was jammed packed with vividly spicy and near-harrowing detail.” – The BookChick

“If you want a short, super sexy read that packs a punch, look no further!” – InD’tale Magazine

“I liked the characters and it’s nice to see a book set other than in America or Europe.” – The TBR Pile

Log Line:

Scorching desert heat, ice-cold champagne, and a world of opulence—the perfect setting for a one-night stand. Certain they will never meet again, two strangers agree to casual, no-strings sex that turns into something more.


Jason Reynolds has his life mapped out, and it doesn’t include a smart-mouthed redhead on a mission to save the world. A security specialist at the top of his game, he is on the cusp of wealth and power. Love is a distraction he simply can’t afford.

Struggling to bury memories of an unforgettable night, Nulli O’Hara chases her dream to a city fraught with violence and death. Six months later, she becomes a kidnapping target, and Jason is the man sent to keep her safe.

Content Notes: Spicy, Light BDSM, Descriptive Erotic Sex, Light Bondage, Spanking


“Are you sure you’ve thought this through?”

Fed up, she lifted her free hand and jabbed her finger into his chest. “I’m not some wilting Victorian debutante you need to protect. Don’t get all old-fashioned on me now. What I can or cannot handle is my call—in bed and out. If I’m not comfortable with something, I’ll say kalaas.”

“I can live with that.” Sensing the heat behind his words, she noticed the top two buttons of her shirtdress were undone. They were less than an inch apart, and she could draw a straight line from his eyes to her cleavage. She wasn’t certain if it was logic or lust that changed his mind, but the result was the same. With an exasperated laugh, she shook her head. Men were so predictable.

“That’s a sudden gear shift. You should have told me all I needed to do was flash you. I could have avoided that awkward conversation altogether.”

His answering smile was a mix of chagrin and resignation. “If you knew how to use your assets, you’d be the death of me.”

She took a deep breath. Pride commanded she stay angry, but desire overruled ire. He had given her a taste of what he could do, and she wanted more. Sex made things simple. They needed to keep it that way.

Jason’s hand moved from the side of her waist to rest on her lower back. He exerted a slight pressure, and her chest flattened against his. Her tenuous hold on aggravation disintegrated. The pillow in her hand dropped, hit the ledge they were reclining on, and fell to the floor.

He released her wrist so he could grab a strawberry from the bowl on the table. He used the end to trace her lips. “Are you ready for me to feed you this?”

It was an innocuous statement, but there was a warning in his tone. Her lashes lowered. Her reply was a playful invitation. “What do I need to do for it?”

“Would you do anything I ask?” His question made her breath hitch.

She caught the fruit between her teeth. Shaking his head, he pulled it out of reach. She circled her tongue over her lips and was rewarded by tart sweetness. The large bulge against her belly hardened. The refreshing taste hadn’t been her only reward.

“Nulli…” Her name was a veiled threat.

She brushed a brief kiss against his jaw. “I’ll try.”

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