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This post is part of the December 2013 Blog Chain at Absolute Write. This month, we’re doing things a bit differently. It’s a story chain (aka blog-o-phone), an each writer must add around 250 words to an ongoing holiday story.
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And now…pt. 5 (thanks for the perfect set-up Angyl78!)

“What are you doing up there?”

Startled by the masculine voice, Claire almost fell off the low-hanging branch. She glared at Alan Nussbaum as he strode across the snow. His black leather boots left deep imprints on the white powder. For a blood-sucking lawyer, the man was surprisingly built. His tailored knee-length coat made his shoulders seem even bigger.

She shifted the bucket in front of her into a less precarious position. “I’m defending my grandfather’s property. You’re all trespassing.”

The man found the gal to cross his arms. “Mrs. McHugh is just trying to get a tree for her kids. Why can’t you embrace the Christmas spirit and look the other way?”

Claire rolled her eyes. “Leave Beth out of this. Why are you here? After all the money you made from the foreclosures, you can afford to buy a forest, let alone a tree.”

Alan swiped off his wool cap and narrowed his frosty blue eyes. “Enough with the polemics—I get plenty of that everyday from your poor excuse of a newspaper. Now climb down here before you break your own neck.”

Snowflakes landed on Alan’s jet-black locks, which managed to maintain their manicured perfection despite recent confinement. His scowl, for reasons she couldn’t understand, made him seem all the more handsome. Such perfection gave her all sorts of ideas.

She acted on the first one that came to mind. With a flick of her wrist, she nudged the bucket full of red dye off the branch.

And thus I reached my 250 word limit. So where is this heading? I have no idea–the story continues at (links will be added ): 
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9 responses to “The Blog-O-Phone – Christmas 250 Word Story Chain – Absolute Write

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  2. Oh no!! Perfect!! I can so see a lot of potential here. That was a great way to go. I am just laughing on that one. Wonder who shows up next?

    • A guy can forgive a little spot of red dye, can’t he?…This blog-o-phone is turning out to be a lot more fun than I thought it would be 🙂

      • It is, isn’t it? I hope we can keep it up through the end of December. We seem to be going quickly. I can’t wait for the conclusion or to see what happens with the dye!!! 🙂

  3. It’s enough to make you want to curl up and dye 🙂

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  6. I love how everyone’s adding new (and unexpected) elements. So much fun to play with.

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