Science Fiction and Fantasy Saturday No. 35 (#sffsat) – Rescued from a Trunked Manuscript – #Scifi #Romance

Here’s the next snippet from my nameless trunked manuscript. My first attempt at a full-length novel, it was written when vampires were still in vogue (though these vampires have pseudo-scientific origins). The prospect of revising the whole thing is too daunting, but let’s see if I can salvage it one tiny bit at a time. (Disclaimer: My writing has significantly improved over the years.)

For last week’s post (as well as all the ones from Warlock’s Pawn and Tower in the Woods), click here. In the previous snippet, we got to witness some sibling rivalry between Hades and Nell , who we now know is almost a century old. (Note: The cue word for this week is NAILS.)

Her nails elongated to resemble claws. She stabbed her forefinger into his chest. If he were human, there would be a gaping hole between his ribs. Because of his age, she failed to draw blood. His Armani shirt, however, needed replacement. He decided to deduct the cost from her paycheck.

He stared his sister down. After taking an uneasy step back, she pouted. “I just found you the perfect assistant. Why am I getting the third degree instead of a pat on the back?”

Twitter: #sffsat SFFSat is a group of writers sharing snippets from both published and unpublished works of science fiction and fantasy. You can read more about the group by clicking the banner to the left, as well as follow links to the other participants. Any comments are much appreciated!


5 responses to “Science Fiction and Fantasy Saturday No. 35 (#sffsat) – Rescued from a Trunked Manuscript – #Scifi #Romance

  1. Never work for family…first rule of business. And never stab your boss in the ribs. I always enjoy these fuming sibling rivalries and its what I’m enjoying most from this stretch of snippets.

  2. I thought he was taking a risk just raising his eyebrow at her – if anything is calculated to incite violence, that is. He’s lucky she just ripped his shirt… I’m with her – she did a good job and he’s kicking her teeth in for it. This sequence is fun – I’m looking forward to reading some more.

  3. You can’t convince me that vampires are out of vogue…I think what you’re doing with their slightly-different origin is exactly right. Nice interchange!

  4. I love the sibling rivalry here. And Their differences over who is an acceptable assistant.

  5. That is some pretty awesome sibling rivalry. I like this snippet a lot; hopefully will see more of this manuscript soon! 🙂

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