Science Fiction and Fantasy Saturday No. 23 (#sffsat) – Warlock’s Pawn – #FantasyRomance

This snippet is from Warlock’s Pawn and continues from the last one (click on the SFFSat tag at the bottom of the post to read past snippets). Warlock’s Pawn is a fantasy romance inspired by The Arabian Nights. It is available on  LSBooksAmazonBarnes & NobleARe, Kobo, and a few other places.

In the previous post, Duncan points out the meaning of Alia’s eyes.

Anger flashed, turning the purple pools a darker shade. “I serve them, warlock, as a disciple of the goddess. I mend bones and brew elixirs. I provide those with need the knowledge they seek. Dionians respect the temple because it is they we serve, and they see me as one among the many who help tend their wounds. Very few know what the color of my eyes mean.”

As his mind mulled over changes to strategy, he could not suppress a triumphant smile. “Then you are a more useful pawn than I first believed. ”

Twitter: #sffsat SFFSat is a group of writers sharing snippets from both published and unpublished works of science fiction and fantasy. You can read more about the group by clicking the banner to the left, as well as follow links to the other participants. Any comments are much appreciated!


6 responses to “Science Fiction and Fantasy Saturday No. 23 (#sffsat) – Warlock’s Pawn – #FantasyRomance

  1. Uh oh! Things aren’t getting better for Alia…or are they?

  2. I was waiting for the maniacal laugh at the end. What? Things are really tense between these two. Great complex relationship.

  3. A pawn? Beginning to wonder why she rescued him.

  4. I’m waiting for him to get slapped across the face (again? I can’t recall), myself… 🙂

  5. That’s the way to a girl’s heart. Call her a pawn. :-/

    As usual, fantastic snippet. Love the dialogue and details. Makes the characters so authentic.

  6. Wonderful snippet. Great exchange between the two. 🙂

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