Science Fiction and Fantasy Saturday No. 11 (#sffsat) – Warlock’s Pawn

This snippet is from Warlock’s Pawn and continues from the last one (click on the SFFSat tag at the bottom of the post to read past snippets). I’ve posted quite a few scene-setters thus far, so we’re skipping ahead just a tad. Warlock’s Pawn is a fantasy romance inspired by The Arabian Nights. It was just released and is available on  LSBooksAmazonARe, and Kobo. It will probably show up at other locations (yes, I know B&N is a biggie) in about a month.

Her mentor tightened the turquoise cloth that covered her hair and face. “These walls never had the power to hold you, not even when you were too small to climb upon a chair. It is your will that keeps you here. You are a creature of magic, and your instincts are telling you to act. The goddess gave you wings for a purpose, dear child.” “And if Anora ever discovers those wings,” she countered, her sister’s name tasting bitter on her tongue, “she will command my execution, along with the deaths of all who have kept my existence from her.”

Twitter: #sffsat SFFSat is a group of writers sharing snippets from both published and unpublished works of science fiction and fantasy. You can read more about the group by clicking the banner to the left, as well as follow links to the other participants. Any comments are much appreciated!


10 responses to “Science Fiction and Fantasy Saturday No. 11 (#sffsat) – Warlock’s Pawn

  1. Great snippet…nothing says suspense like an impending execution!

  2. Live free or die: one of our great quandaries. Good snippet.

  3. Nothing like sibling rivalry to take a death threat to the next level. Great snippet!

  4. Oh no! But I sure know about picking a fight with your sibling. Though, it’s never led to possible executions! Great snippet, nice tension.

  5. Awesome scene/snippet. I’m totally engaged and ready for more! Love her mentor’s dialogue.

  6. Walls and wings. Does the sister have wings, too?

  7. We learned quite a bit in this snippet: some about her relationship with her mention, the deathly tension existing between her sister and her, as well as what is truly restraining her! Fantastic suspense ramping up here.

  8. You had me at wings! I’m very curious, now!
    Nice snippet.

  9. Oh my. And people nowadays think they have family problems… Definitely want to continue reading!!!

  10. Beautiful words!

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