Science Fiction and Fantasy Saturday No. 5 (#sffsat) – Tower in the Woods

Continuing from the past weeks, this snippet is from Tower in the Woods, a post-apocalyptic zombie romance now available on AmazonARe and LSBooks. It is based on the Grimm’s fairy tale Rapunzel. For past snippets, click on the SFFSat tag at the bottom of this post. (Note: For those I have somehow lured into buying this book, don’t worry. I’m going to start switching it up after a couple more snippets.)

“You need to leave,” Nel yelled down, some part of her balking at the thought of killing another human, even if it was a man. “Go away.”

“Look, lady,” the man replied, “the snowstorm of the century just hit these parts and it isn’t going away anytime soon. If you don’t let me in you might as well shoot me. I’m bleeding and the zombies can smell it a mile away. If the brain-eaters don’t get me, hypothermia will.”

Firmly, Nel shook her head, more at ease with nonverbal communication. Then she realized the man couldn’t possibly see that motion in the dark.

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SFFSat is a group of writers sharing snippets from both published and unpublished works of science fiction and fantasy. You can read more about the group by clicking the banner to the left, as well as follow links to the other participants.

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10 responses to “Science Fiction and Fantasy Saturday No. 5 (#sffsat) – Tower in the Woods

  1. What a quandry leave him to die or shoot him? Or maybe she’ll take option three?? Great snippet 🙂

  2. Something tells me she’s going to have to let down her hair… Good snippet – I’m enjoying how this is developing.

  3. Better him than her, I’d say…besides, she could use him as bait for a trap to lure them in. 😉
    Fun snippet…hopefully it’ll be on B&N soon.

  4. hypothermia or braineaters? Some choice. I’m a big fan a what you’ve got going here and I’m anxious to see the tension you build between these two. Great Snippet!

  5. I predict he’ll find his way into the tower. I never would have believed anyone could make me want to read a zombie story, but you have. Curse you! 😉 I MUST know what happens!!

  6. I’m with JC. But I bought the book so zombies, here I come!

  7. If my TBR pile weren’t taking up so much room on my iPad …

  8. So, shoot him, let him die by zombie… or save him. Decisions, decisions!

  9. Thanks everyone! This explains my amazon sales bump :D.

    I’m going to switch it up and show Dane’s POV next! Whenever I get the okay on my spring release, I’ll start giving you all a peek into my “fantasy” side.

  10. “…killing another human, even if it was a man.” Hey – highly understandable. No one would fault her in the least!

    This one’s next on the book pile!

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