Customized Keyboard Shortcuts

Thank you Microsoft for having this feature – I sort of forgive you for all my woes yesterday.

One last once-over tomorrow with fresh eyes and I should be ready to send this puppy back for another round of edits.  I have to say, my confidence in my grammatical prowess is shaken–it’s humbling to see all the the things my editor noticed that I completely missed.  (For one, I use the word “that” way too much.)

I have to say, there are reasons to hesitate over self-publishing, laziness being the foremost on my mind. Even with all the help I’m getting from a wonderful e-publisher, I find this entire process so much less fun than writing.  I keep on glancing sadly down at the Storyist icon on my dock, wishing I were typing away rather than shaking my head at all the typos I made.


3 responses to “Customized Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. That’s why there is a difference between a writer and an editor, so don’t beat yourself up :).

    • Thanks! My editor is super awesome at catching things, and now that I’ve re-read the manuscript after accepting her changes, I feel much better about it :). More importantly, since it’s out of my hands again, I can now go back to my work-in-progress

  2. Cholthira Satyawadhna

    Usually editors have keen eyes towards grammatical structure and spelling.
    Don’t be discouraged. A professional one will also have imaginative insight not to knock down your creativity. Congratulations!

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